Are you wondering why some companies charge $ 9.95 per room and others much more???

We did the work....and got you an answer!!!!

There are two basic methods that professional carpet cleaners will use to arrive at their prices.
  • The first pricing method is the per square foot method. This is where the cleaner will calculate the length times the
width of each area to be cleaned. The drawback of this method is the fact that it may be difficult to get an accurate general estimate over the phone. The really great thing about this pricing is that you only pay for the exact area cleaned.
  • The other method of carpet cleaning pricing is the per area method. It is also referred to as per room pricing. In this
method, the cleaner will set flat rates for each area to be cleaned such as $35 per room. The best benefit of this method is that you can easily estimate your total cleaning price over the phone.

But how some companies can do it for $ 9.95 per room??? They can NOT!!!

A-1 Spotless Carpet will not put you in that position.  We will make your carpet cleaning services easy and stress free.  We will provide you with a detailed list of options and you can decide if you need additional products.  If you have questions, we will answer them.  But you will never have a service technician pitching you an upgrade repeatedly throughout your service.
We recognize that customers has different needs...while move out customers want to pay as low as possible and get a receive to show to the landlord (pass inspection still required to get the deposit back), homeowners want to have their carpet clean to protect their investment and have a healthier carpet.
With the chart bellow you can easily figurate your final price for your carpets needs.

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Move Out Customers who choose to do the full process we garantee pass inspection.
Some restrictions may apply.
" W e   H a n d l e   J o b s   N o b o d y  E l s e   W i l l  "
That's what they call bait and switch...Many times you received a quote from a carpet cleaning company that was initially acceptable.  Then when they arrive to do the job, the price begins to go up and you are bombarded with upgrades and told that you need special shampoo or chemicals.  You are put in the uncomfortable position of having to refuse these upgrades over and over throughout the service, or that price that you liked before is turned into something a way less agreeable. A news organization set up a hidden camera to help educate consumers. It shows exactly what happens when you call a “bargain company” to come out and work in your home.

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